Why SEO is Important

Just creating a site doesn’t guarantee traffic suppose you have a pretty great website but no one looks at it. How to show up on Google? This is why SEO is important. As It helps you get discovered, improve your brand, improve your site, and to get more sales.
Get Discovered
To get the coveted first position people have tried to figure out Google’s algorithm. Since the creation of search engines, Search Engine Optimization has been around. The number 1 position on Google search results gets 33% of the clicks but once you get to the second page your traffic is nearly zero. Also ad needs money to be paid and once you stop paying your ad is gone. So in organic search traffic an effective SEO strategy helps you have long term growth. Tivoli Partners Logo

Improve Your Site
Customer Loyalty   Good user experiences lead to repeat visits and more exposure to their ads and Google knows that very well. For the things Google cares about: speed and security a good SEO agency will optimize your site. The person searching can find what they want quickly and this should be a fast experience with your site means. Security (https) is important because Google doesn’t want to send people to fraudulent sites.
Improve Your Brand
At the end of the day what really matters is converting traffic to sales. Committing to an SEO strategy means you pay attention to the details. To help you accomplish your business goals your agency should also help streamline your site : more form completion, increased season pass sales, etc. The good news about starting a Search Engine Optimization project is that there is a lot of room to grow. So doesn’t waste time thinking go for a best SEO.