Wholesale E-juice flavors at VISTA VAPORS.

VISTA VAPORS has become a leading supplier for e-liquids: VISTA VAPORS has become a leading supplier for e-liquids: • Coco-Bana Cream Pie: Coconut Banana Cream Pie carvings? No need to visit the bakery for this great flavor, just pour some into your tank. • Butter-Nut Brownie: You can’t have dessert without chocolate, and you can’t have chocolate without nuts. To make the ultimate chocolate dessert for your tank this brownie recipe combines pecans, fudge, and brownie batter.
• Orange Dream: Orange is loved by most of us.  This full-bodied orange flavor will help you enjoy the perfect orange daydream and will push all your nightmares to the side. • Bear Paw: This juice takes the bear claw doughnut and converts it into  vistaejuice wholesale at vistaejuice.com   . Taste and vape your favorite pastry!• Berry Pound Cake:   Enjoy dessert night and day without a messy kitchen!• M

Sundae Fundae

ango Peach Cosmo: Sure to be a hit when relaxing on the beach or after a long day of

work. A delectably sweet mango peach cosmo with a hint of sweet mint which you deserve. • Strawberry Pina Colada: Blended to perfection, this flavor could be the answer to all your smoothie vaping needs.  It’s the best one you can feel the change fr

om. • Raspberry Mojito: Sweet raspberry muddled with a touch of smooth mint.  Summertime bliss has never been easier to attain, but this can help you for sure. • Razz Jelly Donut: Balance your diet and get a hold of Razz Jelly Donut. Your mouth will thank you. J

elly donuts are so good; they should be considered a part of a balanced diet. • Fresh Vines: Wine, dine, and sign.  Unless you get yourself a bottle of 

Fresh Vines, Wine flavors don’t come around without a cork and bottle, that it. To make you put your feet up, enjoy this extra-grapey wine combination that’s sure.