Tips about “How to show up on Google”, by Tivoli Partners.

If you are not showing up on page one for Google then surely you are missing out on a ton of traffic. Traffic that converts to sales and drives customer  loyalty programs  .    That’s how to show up on Google. It is essential to have a Search Engine Optimization strategy. It’s the secret of how to show up on Google.  There are three basic SEO areas that need to be addressed: On-Page, Off-Page & Competitive Research.

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You first need to start with a solid foundation for your web pages.    They have listed a few items below that are important for on-page SEO. Your site needs to be indexible, quick and structured well to rank in Google.  This is exactly what it sounds like.

  • Alt Text: Alternative text for images tells Google what an image actually has to understand the image itself.
  • Meta Tags

O             This is what shows up when you type something into Google.  You use tags on your page to tell indexing bots how to show up on Google.

  • Site Speed & Security

O             Mobile searches are now nearly 60%.  If your site renders quickly, Google will reward you.  Speed up your site with caching, upgrading your server and compressing your images to start.

O             If people don’t see the green lock in the corner, they can’t be 100% sure that your site isn’t being spoofed or containing malware. Secure domains are becoming the norm.

  • Internal Linking

O             Wikipedia is a great example of why internal linking matters.  If you give visitors links to all the information they need quickly it lowers your bounce rate and increases the time spent on your website – two factors important to Google.