Things to follow for exotic car rental

Cloud 9 exotic car rental nyc   is the best ever luxury car rental company in NYC. It is the fast-growing Exotic and Luxury Car Agency in the Nation with dedicated staff and years of experience.   They have best working strategies some of which are mentioned below:

  • For rental fees and security deposits: AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover are the preferred method of payment.
  • C9E Rental vehicles may not be used: To carry persons or property for hire; by anyone not licensed to drive or whose Driver’s License has been suspended; for any illegal purpose.
  • The employees physically hand the keys over to the person who will be driving and not anyone else or any other third person. They do not allow 3rd parties to pick up vehicles and hence all renters must be physically present at the start of the rental.
  • If there is bad weather during your rental please them a call at 1-800-673-9900 and they can discuss extending your rental at no additional charge.
  • Weekly rentals include 700 miles free while daily and weekend rentals include 100 miles free per day. At the stated mileage rate for each additional mile driven will be subject to a charge anywhere from $ 1.45 to $ 4.95.
  • The car may not be driven outside of Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, and Virginia without the company’s consent.