Set up event approval permissions which require certain

The strategic elements of your organization’s success include many important things like Meetings, conferences, seminars, webinars and other such marketable events. Whether you are branding an event as an exclusive event and want to limit capacity or there simply isn’t going to be enough room for everyone who wants to attend a session, or, setting up a waitlist is a simple task.   To reduce your work you need a helping hand which can do these things more efficiently, and for that purpose, you can hire an event management expert. GuestDesk is the leading one which you can have. You may have several people on your staff using GuestDeck online  event registration software   if your organization has a large meeting and event program. To restrict their access to create, edit and launch events with this feature you can set permissions and limitations for some users. Activate an automated wait list to limit capacity to the event or to particular sessions. To connect the various guest management tools in the platform, they have robust admin system. They can also update your CRM system, or can deliver the data in virtually any file format you require for your sales management

Some of their features include:

  • Advanced analytics of guest data
  • View ticket sales, guest lists, check-in status and more
  • Custom report generation
  • Ability to import/export data

With their event data management services, they can help you make your event advanced by:

  • Generating new prospects
  • Post-event appointment setting and lead generation
  • Lead Qualification and prospecting
  • Scheduling booth appointments
  • Listing targeted audience.
  • Invitation follow-up either through email or telephone
  • Post-event/webinar follow-up
  • HTML email invitation
  • Sending marketing collaterals