Have Questions about Translators

Translation  is not a word-translation job: there is much more. You need a translator who is a native speaker of the target language, when you need a foreign language translation, but the translator must also understand the original perfectly in order to convey the meaning of the original perfectly. A foreign language is a maze of new sounds, for speakers of other languages, and involves new concepts and expressions, and hence you need your translators to be fairly good enough to make you understand. Translators USA since 2003 are there in this field with expert translation and interpretation services Translators USA has served American interests. They have y ears of experience and history in translation to help you translate and publish your content in full confidence your message gets across. Before trusting them you can go through some of the FAQs and make sure your doubts are clear.
Are the translations notarized?
Yes, all the certified translations are also notarized at no additional cost.
Can I bring my document to your offices?
To be safer to handle all the translation projects in 1 central US location, they do not take walk-ins as their offices are not public.
Can I fax my documents?
Yes, you can, for this you can use the fax number 800-861-1359.
Do my Certified Translations come in the mail?
They can deliver them before 8:00 AM in many locations. You will receive 1 Certified and Notarized hard copy in the mail. In case you need them early in the morning.
How do I get a customized quote?
Just go to the Free Quote page and, submit your request and you shall get a respond with a customized quote within minutes if the quote request was sent during business hours.
Do you use machine translation software to localize?
They have re-translated many documents and websites that caused serious credibility issues, cost overruns, etc, as it was not done right the first time.
How does it work?
You can scan and upload your document to the Online Order Form, for the fastest service.
How long does it take?
With a draft of the translated document, and Depending on the service you chose on the form, they will send you an email within 24 to 48 hours. If you ordered Next Day, they guarantee a draft within 24 hours or less up to 5 pages.