Cheese and wine hamper a great gift option for your loved one.

At cotswoldcheese you can get the best hampers, to gift your loved ones. They have a combination of cheese and wines, and if you don’t like them, you can buy from their collection and then make your own favorite  cheese hampers uk  , for your loved ones. Below are the details of some cheese available at cotswoldcheese , which can help you to choose the right ones to be gifted for the particular person.
Délice de Bourgogne (Cow, Pasteurised)
A French cow’s milk cheese from the Burgundy region of France. In the cheese making process, Crème Fraiche is added twice to produce a rich, full flavor cheese with a melt in the mouth texture.
St Eadburgha (Cow, Pasteurised)
Similar to a Camembert or Brie, St Eadburgha is a local white rinded cheese. The texture can become quite soft and the flavors are of field mushrooms and clotted cream.
Bottom Tier – Lincolnshire Poacher Vintage (Cow, Unpasteurised)
Somewhere between a continental hard mountain cheese and traditional West Country Cheddar Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher is a strong hard cheese has depth and complexity with a lovely smooth lingering.Cotswold Hamper
Colston Bassett Stilton £6.15 per 250 grams: The texture of the cheese is smooth and creamy with a mellow flavor. Always popular at Christmas, the perfect Stilton from Colston Bassett should be a rich cream color cheese with blue veining spread throughout. No sharp acidic taste from the blue. The cheese is best eaten at around 12 weeks but this varies from cheese to cheese.
Barkham Blue (Cow, Pasteurised, Vegetarian)
With an attractive natural mold ripened rustic rind Blue has a very distinctive appearance; the deep yellow moist interior is spread with dark blue & green veins. It won the supreme champion in 2015.
St Oswald (Cow, Pasteurised)
With an orange-brown rind and meaty flavor buttery texture. A local rind washed semi-soft cheese from Gorsehill Abbey. It becomes richer, stronger and more aromatic as it ages. This cheese is local!
Black Bomber Truckle 200g or 3kg £5.50: the award-winning Snowdonia Black Bomber cheese started life in the rolling hills and valleys of Wales. Smooth and creamy with the taste, sculpted by the landscape, the first bite gives a rich cheddar flavor. Without overpowering the senses, the creamy cow’s milk of Snowdonia Black Bomber gives a full flavor, providing plenty of room for more to taste.