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  • Poison Peach: In this bottle, you can enjoy a delicious and a delectable overtone of peaches and creams of island rum.
  • Lemon-Lime Lagoon: Enjoy a wonderfully sharp blend of lemon and lime citrus notes paired with a mellow rum background. Enjoy it even if your hull happens to be stuck in a lagoon
  • Barnyard Blitz: those Dirty Pigs went and mixed them with their cotton candy.
  • Fluffy Trotters: Some cotton candy comes in pink, but sometimes you find it in blue, for the thoughtful experimentation of the Dirty Pigs. Blue raspberry cotton candy is a hit wherever you go.Beginners and Advance Hardware
  • Mud Bath: on one beautiful evening, and the Pigs fell in love as they saw somehow the caramel-bathed apples got tossed in with the cotton candy.
  • Pirate’s Pineapple: Creamy, fruity, and delicious is the only way to describe this blend of flavors.
  • Banana Buccaneer: with a gentle finish of rum, banana rum brings together the sweet and savory taste of a ripe banana.
  • Hog Trough: Dirty Pigs love watermelon cotton candy and they broke down the barn door too.
  • Great Hambino: with this fruity banana cotton candy mix the Great Hambino literally knocked it out of the barnyard. Some say this could be the best flavor to ever surface the barnyard.