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A logo is a key tool in the communication of companies, the most common example being the Microsoft logo. The Microsoft logo is a good example of representative logo design. Although you can try a whole lot of things which are going on and around, there are just limitless options; natural shapes are the most effective. But while working with natural shapes you need to keep in mind that it reflects the principles, ethos or industry that the company operates in.flo The Microsoft logo is a good example, where it uses a window like a shape, as though there are four panes of glass, in different primary colors. The meaning of color varies depending on the cultural perspective of the viewer and hence color in logos is a complex issue. Also depending on the country and culture in question, green could mean envy, reliability, love or disease. When designing a logo, red can mean love or anger so it is easy for the color to be a complex element. Color’s influence In terms of the perception of masculinity and femininity, there was found to be little separation.

If you want it to be effective for your business and when it comes to getting new customers and establishing a positive image in the market, there are certain crucial elements that your company’s logo must have. People should remember your logo and recognize it among other brands. The first thing that you should do when designing a new logo for your company is put a rough draft/sketch. Visit  free logo creator  for more details