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Real cigarettes come only in single flavor, and e-cig comes in wide varieties of flavors and hence is preferred more. VISTA e juice is the leading distributor of e-cigs. They focus on 100 % satisfaction and hence they never compromise on their standards no matter what ever the situation is. Those who have been using e-cigs might have noticed that different e-liquids are marked with various ratios. Max VG” means 100% VG content. It is usually a blend that has at least 70% VG in it. Some may contain 80% or 90%, but “Max VG” never means 100% it depends on the manufacturer. Even if the base liquid is purely VG, adding the PG-based flavor and nicotine will not make it 100% VG. If you are a regular user of e-juice or e-liquids then you might be well aware of  vistaejuice  , a popular wholesale supplier for vape products. ve
They have gained more popularity and provide excellent e-liquids. They not only accept online orders but also entertain direct dealing too. They also take feedback from them, and based on the requirements, make necessary updates and changes in their company profile. They have a reputed name in the entire e-juice industry due to their awesome working strategy and wonderful products delivered. For their customers who cannot reach them because of busy schedules, they have mentioned all details on their official website; they offer to call facility too.