Ask yourself a question, “Are you a family entertainment center”?

FetchRev’s platform works perfectly for family entertainment centers. Maximize your marketing budget return on investment is never easy and is hard to juggle all of the priorities. That’s why automated marketing software like FetchRev exists. It’s also robust software that can take your marketing to the next level. The automation begins once they have got your user data. They fetch revenue and their logo is a retriever and their name says it all. FetchRev can also handle your monthly newsletter, announcements and web forms. They will integrate your existing email lists and offers are sent to customers via email and on social media with buy now offer to drive urgency. With your website to capture customer data their platform easily integrates. To get them to come back their system sends targeted messages to your customers. Tivoli Partners Logo
What’s all this mean for you though?
Marketing automation closes the gap in your marketing while saving you time and driving repeat business. Marketing automation will help elevate your brand by increasing customer touch points.  customer loyalty programs  is all about delivering unforgettable experiences. Marketing may be just one of your many duties being a small business along with corporate partnerships, event sales, or operations. It’s a fact that the modern customer’s expectations are getting higher and their patience is disappearing. Many of the country’s top FECs are already using their platform. If you want to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry, you’ll want to demo their tool. They have explored in the past that customers want a faster response from companies they interact with. They will reach out to folks automatically which will drive more birthday parties and capture things like birthday information. That allows you to focus on customer experience and satisfaction.

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